Join in. Be part of what makes Peabody great!
There are ways you can volunteer, both big and small. Signing up for a team does not oblige you to every event or task, but it does mean you'll have a voice and will be among the first to be called upon.  Sign up for as many teams as you want -- a team leader will contact you!
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Team AR

Help run the quarterly AR Store so the kiddos reap even more rewards from reading!
Team Communication

Go to your kid's class field trips, school events, etc -- take pics and post 'em to the Friends of Peabody Facebook page! If you're interested in working on the PTA website, designing flyers/posters, etc -- there's always room for more communication!
Note: We really need a 5th grade parent for this team! Your child will be doing all kinds of "Peabody Lasts" -- field trips, class parties, promotion fun. You'll be attending all of these anyway, so why not take photos and share!
Team Fun!

Help plan some Peabody fun! Get it on the cheer party planning for the Cooper-Young 4-Miler and other fun activities for parents and kids.
Team Garden

The Peabody garden is most beautiful and productive when it is loved! You might help water, weed, plant or harvest. Or give tours. Or help with a class. Sign up to be on the team and find out all the ways you can help make our garden grow.
Team Money

Be on the fundraising team! You can help with the Cookie Dough Reward Party, Half Pints for Half Pints and Box Tops! You might dish out ice cream, collect auction items, string party lights and more!
Team Room Parent

This may be one of the most important teams at Peabody -- when you sign up, you'll serve as the connector between parents in your child's class and the teacher! You'll also connect with other Room Parents in your grade level.
Note: We are really in need of Room Parents in every grade, but right now there are no Room Parents for Kindergarten and 5th Grade.
Team Watchdog

We need dads, moms, uncles, grandmothers -- If you can be at school a few mornings a month, you'll help our Eagles get safely into school.
Team Watchdogs really needs replenishing -- our successful morning drop-off time depends on you!
Open PTA Board Positions

The Treasurer position is "in training" -- so you will learn with the current Treasurer! And if you're the Co-VP of Parent & Community Involvement, you'll have a partner!

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